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Meet Dr. Bartell

Dr. Barrett Bartell, DDS - Barrett Bartell Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Fort WorthDr. Barrett Bartell was born in Odessa, Texas, and grew up in Caldwell. After high school, Dr. Bartell joined the Aggie population as a member of the pre-dental society. Between learning to fly a Piper Tomahawk, mastering skydiving techniques, and meeting his wife, Kim, he found time to study and graduate cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science. After undergrad, Dr. Bartell went to The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School where he earned his doctorate of dental surgery degree and graduated summa cum laude. While in dental school, Dr. Bartell received many honors and awards:

  • The Student Award of Merit (for outstanding achievement in the pursuit of excellence in the undergraduate study of Esthetic Dentistry)
  • Award for Clinical Excellence in General Dentistry
  • Award for Exemplary Achievement on both parts of the National Boards of Dentistry

He also used his time and skills to serve on various dental mission trips.

After graduation, Dr. Bartell was one of six students chosen nationwide to participate in a prestigious residency program in Advanced Education in General Dentistry at Audie Murphy Veterans Hospital in San Antonio. He spent one year in this rigorous internship position learning leading-edge dentistry techniques and gaining valuable experience in the areas of endodontics, periodontics, restorative dentistry, and implantology.

Dr. Bartell is actively involved with many dental organizations. He maintains memberships with:

  • Fort Worth Dental Study Club
  • Fort Worth District Dental Society
  • Texas Dental Association
  • American Dental Society
  • Academy of General Dentistry

Dr. Bartell feels privileged to take over such an amazing dental practice. He met Dr. Howorth several years ago and appreciated Dr. Howorth’s commitment to great dentistry, ethics, and values—not to mention his love of small aircraft. Dr. Bartell joined Dr. Howorth’s dental team in the summer of 2004 and now feels honored to run the practice. You will still see Dr. Howorth around the practice filling in for Dr. Bartell, visiting us at the practice, and even receiving dental care!

Outside of work, Dr. Bartell is involved with several charity drives that support local food banks, shelters, and children’s charities. You may also see him out riding many of the local bike trails, playing with Laila, or practicing yoga with his wife, Kim. Dr. Bartell and his family live in Fort Worth and are members of First United Methodist Church.

5 Fun Facts About Dr. Bartell

  • I cannot live without Thai and Mexican food.
  • My favorite game to play as a kid was Legend of Zelda.
  • When I was a kid, I wanted to be an elephant when I grew up.
  • The last movie I saw was Star Wars.
  • My favorite vacation is skiing in Colorado.
The Barrett Bartell Family
Dr. Bartell looks forward to meeting you and your family.
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About Our Family-Owned Dental Practice

From the moment you walk into our dental practice, you will find a dental team that is ready and willing to help you. Our experienced front office staff will help you complete patient paperwork, schedule follow-up appointments, and choose a financial option that works with your budget. Our skilled dental assistants will show you around our office and offer you complimentary beverages, pillows, and blankets, and our compassionate dental hygienists will take great care of you while you are in the dental chair. They will also make sure you are comfortable the entire time you are visiting us.

Our entire team is dedicated to our practice’s philosophy:

Prevention and maintenance are the keys to being able to eat
what you want and not what you have to as you age.

That’s why we want to help you preserve your oral health,
your periodontal (gums and bone) health, and your overall health.

We love improving people’s smiles! We can take care of your general, restorative, and cosmetic dental needs and concerns. Our goal is to protect as much tooth structure as possible while creating long-lasting, beautiful smiles.

Meet Our Staff

    1. I was born in Fort Worth.
    2. My favorite holiday is Easter.
    3. If I could go anywhere right now, I would go to Ireland.
    4. I refuse to eat raw oysters.
    5. I could eat chips and salsa every single day.
    1. I was born in Fort Worth.
    2. The one food I cannot live without is bread.
    3. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a flight attendant.
    4. I refuse to eat sour cream.
    5. My biggest pet peeve is when dirty dishes get left in the sink.
    1. I was born in Fort Worth.
    2. As a child, my favorite game was Monopoly.
    3. My late-night cravings are popcorn and pickles.
    4. My favorite TV show is Friends.
    5. My biggest pet peeve is when people leave cabinet doors open.
    1. I was born in Big Spring, TX.
    2. The foods I cannot live without are chips and salsa.
    3. My goofiest habit is snorting when I laugh.
    4. I refuse to eat liver.
    5. If I could have one super power it would be the ability to fly.
    1. I was born in Fort Worth.
    2. My favorite game as a kid was hide n’ seek.
    3. My late-night food craving is pizza.
    4. My biggest pet peeve is walking in wet grass without shoes on.
    5. If I could go anywhere right now, I would go to Italy or Fiji.
    1. I was born in Thailand.
    2. My favorite game as a child was Speed, the card game.
    3. My late-night food craving is a hot dog with ketchup and peppers.
    4. If I could go anywhere right now, it would be Hawaii.
    5. My favorite holiday is Halloween.
    1. I was born in Fort Worth.
    2. I can't live without my husband's homemade potato salad.
    3. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Wonder Woman.
    4. I refuse to eat spicy foods.
    5. My biggest pet peeve is bad drivers.
    1. I was born in Brenham, TX.
    2. If I could have one superpower it would be the ability to read minds.
    3. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a news reporter.
    4. I refuse to eat cilantro.
    5. I cannot live without Mexican food.

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Our Mascots

    1. I was born in Fort Worth.
    2. I love Chinese food.
    3. My favorite movie is Star Wars.
    4. I cannot live without Pandy the Panda Bear.
    5. My best friend is Murphy.
    1. I was born in Fort Worth.
    2. I love chewing on sticks.
    3. My favorite game is keep away.
    4. My favorite activity is snuggling with Laila.
    5. I never turn down a treat.

Although he has passed away, our beloved Zeke will always be part of the family.

    1. I was born in Fort Worth.
    2. I love any food Laila drops on the floor for me.
    3. My favorite game to play is fetch.
    4. The last song I listened to was “The Wheels on The Bus.”
    5. My favorite late-night snack is Laila’s cereal bar.

Kid-Friendly Dental Office

Kid-Friendly Dental Office

Positive dental experiences during childhood are the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. We understand that children have different needs for treatment and communication, so Dr. Bartell and our team always talk your child through his or her dental procedures. We want kids to feel relaxed in our care. We also offer a treasure chest of prizes to our younger patients—they should be awarded for their good oral habits.

Your child’s dental visits should be easy, educational, and fun!

New Patient Forms

For your convenience, we invite all new patients to download our new patient forms to expedite the paperwork at your first visit.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and view these forms.

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